Lorenzo Ink

Operation Hours:

10.00 am – 9.00 pm


Floor Level 4, 4th Avenue, B62, B63 & B65

Lorenzo Ink

Lorenzo Ink is a specialized studio that offers services in tattooing and body piercing. These services cater to individuals looking to express themselves through body art and modification. Here’s a breakdown of the services typically provided at Lorenzo Ink:

  1. Tattooing: Professional tattoo artists at Lorenzo Ink can create a wide range of tattoo designs, styles, and sizes. Clients can choose from a catalog of designs or work with the artists to create custom tattoos that hold personal significance. The tattooing process involves using specialized equipment to permanently ink the chosen design onto the client’s skin.
  2. Body Piercing: Lorenzo Ink also offers body piercing services, which can include ear piercing, nose piercing, belly button piercing, and various other types of piercings. Skilled piercers use sterile techniques and high-quality jewelry to ensure safe and precise piercing procedures.

Tattoo and body piercing studios like Lorenzo Ink offer a creative outlet for individuals to express themselves artistically and aesthetically. These establishments often prioritize hygiene, safety, and professionalism to ensure clients have a positive and satisfying experience when getting tattoos and piercings.